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Due to the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and in efforts to maintain the health and safety of all individuals, Avedian Counseling Center now offers Telehealth upon request.

Counseling and Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy can help solve personal problems. Specifically, it is often easier to share your concerns. Secondly, you get the full attention of your therapist. In result, it helps us better understand you.

Group Therapy

Avedian Counseling Center offers group therapy so you can work with others. Firstly, The group share their issues. In addition, it helps to better understand your problems. Therefore, you can learn from and with each other.

Career Counseling

Our Career Services cater to individuals in many job situations and of all skill sets, and experience levels ! It is important that we address each individual's career development and career needs. We have a talented career counselor who can help with entry-level, professional-level, career-change, career indecision, and job documents such as resumes , cover letters, and curriculum vitae, and so much more! Make an appointment today for career counseling or send your old resume or cover letter to get them transformed. We can create these documents from scratch or improve any document for a more eye-catching presentation. Add on services such as LinkedIn profile review and creation and thank you note are available as well.

Couples Therapy

Couples have a hard time talking sometimes. Often, there are different reasons for that. Certainly, it’s never too late to start therapy. Importantly, if you think your marriage is going to a divorce, Avedian Counseling Center can help.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can better family relationships. For instance, understanding the bond the family has with each other. From that, we can help the members that have a weak bond. Furthermore, our family therapy includes working with siblings, parents, step families and blend families.

Event Registration

Register for one of our events. Avedian Counseling Center offers virtual events to offer mental health education and self-care strategies to the individuals and families. Check out our upcoming events!

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