50 – minute session$ 300
75 – minute session$ 450
90 – minute session$ 540

For clients who wish to maintain their privacy, or who are unable to travel to the office, Anita offers concierge services at her sole discretion. House visits are reserved for sessions lasting 90-minutes or longer. Contact Anita for further information.

90 – minute session$750
(Within 10 miles of 91403)
50 – minute session$ 150
75 – minute session$ 225
90 – minute session$ 270
100 – minute session$ 300

Be sure to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in prior to your appointment time to avoid a charge of the full session fee.

The standard meeting time for psychotherapy is 50 minutes. It is up to you, however, to determine the length of time of your sessions. Requests to change the 50-minute session needs to be discussed with the therapist in order for the appropriate time to be scheduled in advance.

We collect all payments in full up front. If you have a PPO plan, and would like to receive reimbursement from the insurance, we will provide a super-bill on a monthly basis upon request.

If you have insurance that covers your treatment with the therapist as a preferred provider, then the insurance carrier will directly be billed by your therapist. The money will be collected in full up front until the deductible has been met. Thereafter, the co-payments will be collected until the next calendar year. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding your deductible and benefits with both out of network and in-network provider.

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