Are you ready for a change?

We offer a healing experience by listening to your pain and frustrations. First, we sit with you through your struggles. Participation in therapy is taking a risk due to the challenges one may experience through this process. Certainly, therapy is for growth and change where you learn and understand yourself.  However, we will guide you through it and towards a path that may enhance your life.

Importantly, we offer a relaxing and non-judgmental setting. Therefore, you will feel safe and brave as you embark on this journey towards growth.  You will learn helpful skills along the way such as problem solving, goal setting and time managing. Moving forward, you will learn to communicate more effectively. Secondly, you will learn to identify and recognize your patterns. Finally, you will learn efficient ways to manage your day-to-day living.

Our approach

Most of our therapists use a cognitive-behavioral approach to help you identify unhealthy beliefs and unrealistic expectations of yourself and others. As a result, it will help you achieve a belief that works better for you. Gestalt approach is used to help you achieve awareness of certain defenses. Some of our therapists use Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques are used for a faster approach to relieving symptoms.

Treatment may be brief to address a problem, but the skills learned may be used without a therapist for future challenges. 

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