Anger Management

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Anger management offers a structured program with practical skills that can be implemented into one’s day to day. The goal is to help individuals manage aggressive behavior by taking preventative measures. Since aggression is what leads individuals to harm others or themselves, the goal is to identify anger at its earliest stages so that it’s easier to manage conflict more effectively.

At the Avedian Counseling Center, our clinicians offer therapy with a focus on managing aggression. Processing anger along with trauma and hurt is a regular part of therapy. On the other hand, an anger management program is skill-based, and focuses on teaching tools that can be implemented in everyday life.

How would you know if anger management is the right program for you?

If you…

  • Become irritated easily
  • Take your anger out on others
  • Are quick tempered
  • Use sarcasm to communicate
  • Blame and label others
  • Criticize often
  • Throw objects such as your phone when upset
  • Receive suggestions from others that you need anger management
  • Experience chronic anger

Those attending Anger Management programs can look forward to discussing, learning, and practicing new skills. Maintaining consistent and regular attendance with other participants and working on skills by completing between-class written exercises increases the chances of success within the program. You can choose to be part of a virtual class, and in-person class, or work with a Certified Anger Management Counselor privately.

Anger Management Executive Coaching

Anger Management Executive Coaching involves independent work with a certified anger management counselor. Coaching via this one-to-one setting can be provided at our office, via telehealth, or at the attendee’s workplace. The program features include:

  • An individualized format
  • Anger management curriculum tailored to each participant’s needs
  • Enhanced participant privacy
  • Flexible scheduling and session duration

Attorneys, physicians, company executives, CEOs, and those in the entertainment industry who prefer that their identity remain confidential, will find the executive coaching format particularly beneficial. Completion of at least ten executive coaching sessions is recommended.

Anger Management with the Family

The Anger Management with the Family program focuses on addressing specific concerns within the family dynamic to help “soothe the angry adolescent.” The benefits include:

  • A customized anger management curriculum for each family
  • Help improve the family interaction since most or all members of the family are involved and learning the same skills.

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