Many times, you will find that couples have difficulty communicating for various reasons. Sometimes, one partner feels hopeless about anything changing and so they think bringing up an issue would not matter.  Other couples talk over each other, and are frustrated about being misunderstood. These are some common issues that surface within couples. If these issues sound familiar to you, then It is not too late to seek therapy. If you’re married, and perceive that you’re headed towards a divorce, then therapy is a great alternative.

Ask yourself…

Has my relationship been rocky lately?

Do I still enjoy being intimate with my partner?

Does my partner still enjoy intimacy with me?

Do I feel misunderstood?

Do I feel things are never going to get better?

Do I trust my partner?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should reach out. Would you like to feel more fulfilled in your relationship? Would you like more intimacy? How about building trust and reaching emotional safety?

You will often find that clients would like to know the structure of therapy and it is my responsibility to help set up a safe environment for you, the couple, to share your concerns.

Since there’s a plethora of information you both would like to share, you will each complete a form about your perspective on yourselves and your partner. This is given to you, the couple, during the first session to take home with you.

During the first session, we gather information from both of you (you and your partner) to aid in determining the problems and then use this information set a goal achievable through therapy.

During the second session, we review assertive communication skills to ensure you are on the same page. When you communicate in this respectful way, you tend to listen to each other, and feel listened to. This doesn’t necessarily solve the problem however it does help you with the process of achieving a more fulfilling relationship.

From the third session forward, we begin to peel the layers of the onion, so to speak, to determine the core issues. And with sensitivity, you will learn to validate, acknowledge, and show your  understanding of your partner’s concerns with my help. Eventually, you may each commit to changing patterns that are destructive to your relationship, and incorporate a healthier approach to help the relationship advance to a peaceful and enjoyable place.