Thought Field Therapy

Thought field therapy (TFT) is a rather new form of psychological treatment that has the potential to heal mental and physical ailments through “Tapping” with fingers at specific points on the upper body and hands. The term “thought field therapy” comes from the theory that when a person thinks about an experience or thought associated with an emotion, they are tuning in to a “Thought Field”. TFT states that a person’s perturbations are found within these thought fields. When a thought field is deformed or skewed, there is usually an underlying problem connected to it which is activated simply by thinking about that problem. These perturbations are the cause of negative emotions and the blocking of chi, and correspond to a meridian point about the body. To free the flow of chi, a specific order of these points must be tapped. Due to its extremely efficient technique and results, there has been much speculation and controversy around its reliability. However, this arises from the fact that many forms of therapy are considered “Treatments”, and TFT is one of the first therapies to be considered a “Cure”. Thought field therapy helps relieve symptoms of a wide array of psychological disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Depression, Anxieties, Urges and Phobias.

TFT per situation is a one-time session, lasting up to fifteen minutes.  It is also said that TFT can treat a range of physical complications as well. We have incorporated TFT as part of our treatment with some of her clients for the past 20 years.  We has found TFT to be one of the fastest treatments to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, trauma, obsessive compulsiveness, and phobias. As all existing treatments, TFT does not help everyone. It is best to come to session prepared for a TFT treatment. This means to abide by the following suggestions:

  • Not to have coffee 2 hours prior to session.
  • Not to wear any perfumes, including deodorant with heavy scents.
  • Not to eat 2 hours prior to session.
  • Not to smoke a few hours prior to session.

There are other odors or situations that may interfere with the treatment however scent is usually one of the main factors. We work very closely with other therapists helping their clients work through specific phobias or traumas. If you are only scheduling an appointment for TFT, please be sure to sign a release to coordinate your care with your therapist. Talk to your therapist to find out if thought field therapy is right for you. It might be the beginning of the end of your discomforts!